Welcome to my blog

Teaching languages as a passion

Hi everyone! My name is Maria. I’m one of the teachers at Converso Language Studio in Prague. My mother tongue is Russian and I speak English, Czech and few other languages with a significantly lower confidence level than those two 🙂

I used to teach English as a foreign language for 5 years of my life. But a couple of years ago I started to teach Russian as a foreign language and realized that it’s of much more interest to me. Moreover, having learnt and taught English as a second language, I am able to flip all the difficulties I and my English students faced back then the other way around.

Here in this blog I’d like to share with you my insights that I come up with while getting ready for my classes or while teaching. Russian and English have in common more than many people think. However, they’re so different that it’s terribly exciting to see something I wouldn’t expect to be a problem turn out to be so for my students 🙂

The blog is not going to be a consistent and comprehensive manual on ‘how to be a good language student’. It’s more of a set of thoughts. observations and discoveries that are based on my knowledge and experience. It can be pretty useful, though, both for students and for teachers.

In case you’d like to share your opinion or ask anything related to my blog, feel free to contact me at: maria.teacher@converso-studio.com.

Stay tuned!

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