Russian Tearoom in Prague – First meeting

Converso Languages International is introducing a new series of events – Russian Tearoom in Prague!

Are you interested in learning Russian? Have you already started googling any general information about it – basics of pronounciation, reading and spelling, grammar and vocabulary? (By the way, we have a good article giving the general picture and a fun test where you can learn even more!)

If you answered either of the questions above, now you might have even more questions than before. How do I master the cyrillics? Why are reading rules so complicated? What’s the deal with pronouncing Russian ‘Rrr’? How do I learn all the cases, numbers and genders at the same time? How to learn the difference between all the ‘go’s once and forever?!

We have been teaching long enough to notice that the questions the beginning learners come up with have much in common. That is why we have decided to answer them all at once!

Russian Tearoom in Prague is a unique space where you meet other language learners – both future and present ones – and get to share your opinions, insights, and hacks. Somebody is just about to start the path of language learning, somebody has already managed a part of it. So why not pass the experience to the younger generations?

To keep the meeting consistent, our experienced Russian teacher will point out all the hidden traps the learners come across the most frequently. Also she will lead the guests along the discussion to help them find the answers to the most tricky questions.

A cup of nice hot tea will be offered to each guest – that’s what Russian spirit is all about, isn’t it?

Make sure you’ve booked your place in advance – only 10 places available!

For booking and more details:
+420 776 738 928

Or just fill in our simple form!

Looking forward to meeting you,
Converso Languages International team.

We’re hiring! Language teachers: Russian, English, Chinese

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Are you fluent in Russian, English or Chinese? Do you belive that the knowledge should be spread? Are you ready to apply modern approaches and teaching techniques?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and would like to be a part of our team – come and join us! Send your CV at with a short text how you learned about us and what looks the most attractive in working with us for you. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the details.

2 New Beginners Courses Launching

Great news! In November we are launching 2 new group courses Russian for Beginners:

Both courses are pretty much the same. The only difference is that they suit students with different working and/or life schedules.

Still considering if to start learning Russian? We’ve prepared something for you to show you how much fun Russian is: A simple language test for those who have never studied Russian.

If you would like to learn more about our courses and prices, feel free to call us: +420 776 738 928. Or come and visit: Praha 3 – Žižkov, 4 Na Jarově 2425/4, 1st floor, office 112.