We believe each language to be a whole separate culture and the universe of the ethnicities it is spoken by. Also we believe that language learning has a plenty of positive outcomes. A new language opens a door to a world of new books, articles and researches, movies, music, communications. Learning a new language helps to find new friends, enhance your knowledge of the world and acquire new soft-skills.

Our aim is to turn the language learning into a process that makes the learner feel it that way from the start: exciting, self-developing and comforting. We like languages, we love Russian language and we want anybody who is willing to learn it to do so in a nice and enjoyable way. Prague is just a great place for learning Russian. Russian culture has historically established here quite solidly, so anybody can visit a Russian theatre play in Prague, come to a Russian band concert, visit a Russian artist’s exhibition or watch a movie in Russian in a Prague cinema. At the same time, in Prague there is a lot of people from all over the world who come here to work and study. We would like to provide an opportunity to study Russian with the best effectiveness and a qualified teacher to anybody who is staying or lives in Prague.

We hope that our students will appreciate our approach, which will help us to change the system of teaching Russian on the whole in the future. Doing our job we show that teaching Russian can be interesteing and that Russian is a rich and precise language that expands the mind borders.

Our dedication to self-improvement and Russian language is something we are looking to share with our students in Prague.