Russian for absolute beginners – regular

We have developed this brand-new language course specifically for English speakers keeping in mind what can be the most challenging for them. During the course, the student is going to gain the following skills:

  • knowing Russian alphabet (cyrillics);
  • knowing how to read in Russian;
  • writing in Russian;
  • native Russian pronunciation (including stress and Russian ‘R’);
  • using personal and possessive pronouns;
  • basic grammar;
  • making basic sentences;
  • talking about: family, cities, travelling, work, daily routines, clothes, studying, leisure activities, food and restaurants.

The course is mainly focused on communication meaning it includes plenty of speaking activities.

Next Russian for Absolute Beginners group starts on September, 17th, 2019 at 18:00. This is a 2-classes-per-week course. The final schedule is discussed at the first lesson so that it suits all the students in the group.

The price starts from 150 CZK per lesson.

Same as all our courses, Russian for Absolute Beginners classes are held at our office at Na Jarově, 4, Prague 3-Žižkov.