Why is it important to have a good Russian translator for a business in the Czech Republic?

Russian more and more matters in making business and building work connections, even for businesses located in the Czech Republic. European companies expand to the East, and, as we all know, Russian is spoken not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Due to the striking popularity of goods from Germany, Czechia and other European countries Eastern market looks highly prospective and promising. So business meetings with Russian-speaking partners become reality more and more often. Sometimes there are also some marketing materials, presentations and reports to be prepared for those meetings. And we are happy to help you with getting all that set for your company.

Our interpreters: English, Russian, Czech

Our highly-qualified interpreters have university degrees from the best Russian univirsities and Charles University in Prague. A detailed research on the customer company activity is a mandatory part of their job as well as looking up specific vocabulary of the field and the aims of the meeting. Strictly followed dress-code and professional ethics will be an additional advantage for your company at the meeting, meanwhile the ultimate professionalism of our language specialists will help you make the meating highly productive.

Translating English, Czech and Russian documents in Prague

The range of the texts we at Converso Languages International translate includes;

  • Marketing materials: brochures, flyers, adverts and invitations
  • Project materials: presentations, project dosumentation, technical descriptions and specifications
  • Legal documents: agreements, contracts.

If you leave us few details regarding your order, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can to provide you our best offer.