Can I learn Russian at an intensive course if I’m not from Prague?

For Russian learners based in other countries we have arranged the language trips to Prague. This can be either an individual tour or a group one.

What levels should the learners have to go on a language trip?

There are two levels the trips are designed for:

  • beginners (a monthly intensive course)
  • intermediate (a 7-day immersion course).

A monthly intensive Russian course for beginners in Prague

During this course the learner gets to enjoy the beauty of the Czech Republic ann at the same time gets to know Russian language and culture better. The language trip includes:

An intense learning workload:

  • 128 academic hours of Russian
  • study program based on a unique Converso Languages International approach
  • studying materials and handouts
  • a final test at the end of the course
  • a certificate stating the number of the classes attended with the result of the test.

Various freetime activities:

  • accomodation in comfortable suites close to historical landmarks (several location options to choose from)
  • a guided tours package that will take you to the most beautiful places of Prague and the Czech Republic
  • every week – an event related to the Russian culture depending on the season: going out for a movie, a theatre play, an exhibition, a music concert, a public talk or a discussion
  • welcome and goodbye-parties

Are there any discounts or group offers?

In case a group language trip is ordered starting from 4 people (for example, by a language school or a company), each student gets a discount.

Here you can learn more:

A 7-day immersion course for Russian intermediate learners in Prague

This language trip is designed for those who have been learning Russian for a while and are willing to practise their skills. This language immersion trip is 7 unforgettable days, when you and your personal language coach get deeply engaged with Russian speaking environment.

The program includes:

  • 12 academic hours of practising Russian lessons
  • a personal language coach who navigates you along the trip plan
  • getting to know Russian culture deeply: watching movies and sharing your opinions, attending events depending on the season
  • a course certificate.

The free-time activities program is also diverse:

  • an overview guided tour around the city
  • a gided tour to a landmark out of Prague – depending on the season
  • getting to know the authentic Russian cuisine in the best restaurants in Prague
  • if requested by the customer – attending a training or a workshop related to the Russian-speaking business networking in Prague.

Can I order a specifically-designed language trip to Prague?

If you would like to go on a language trip to Prague, but did not find a suitable plan among the ones above – please let us know. We will be happy to make a personal program for you basing on your possibilities and preferences.

The language schools are welcome to take this opportunity as well. We are open to your suggestions and will be happy to design a program that will suit specifically your students’ needs.

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