What levels of Russian are we teaching at Converso Languages International?

Our language studio offers study plans for all the Russian language learning levels:

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2

If you had studied Russian before but not quite sure what level you are at currently, we could suggest you take our online language test. After processing your results we will get in touch with you, share with you our insights on your language knowledge and discuss the best plan for continuing your Russian studies in Prague.

In case you are looking for a next level group studying Russian, we are happy to offer you our regular programs.

Russian A1 – absolute beginner

Russian A2 – elementary

This is the level the learner reaches after having mastered the grammar basics: regular nouns and adjectives declensions, regular verbs conjugations. ALso the learner possess vocabulary basics in such topics as: cities and countries; food; clothes; home; holidays; daily schedule, free time. Studying plan at A2 level is focused on practising familiar grammar as well as communication skills and expanding the vocabulary. The new topics covered in this level include music, movies, sports, daily routines, seasons, expressing opinions etc. The major focus is also on dialogues, reading texts and discussing them, making short stories. The course is divided into 3 modules.

Russian B1 – pre-intermediate

The learner at this level is expected to have quite expanded vocabulary and a confident grammar knowledge. The already studied grammar is being revised and practised. At the same time new topics are being introduced: lifestyle in different places countries, history, business, science and technology, health care etc. New grammar structures are being introduced, too – particularly, participles. A lot of attention is paid to alalyzing authentic texts (newspapers and magazine articles, extracts from the books) and watching short videos. Writing assignments are aimed at making texts of different kinds – from a celebrity biography to a job applicant’s letter. 

The course is divided into 3 modules.

Russian B2 – upper-intermediate.

The course helps to practise and enhance grammar structures learned at the previous levels. The verb aspect and verbal participles are the subject of a deep analysis along with sentence clauses, indefinite pronouns (somebody, something ets.) The vocabulary  is being expanded intensively using authentic learning materials: articles, books, and movies. Speaking exercises establish opinion-sharing skills, interacting in a dialogue and reacting properly. 

The course is divided into 3 modules.

After finishing the course, the student language knowledge is sufficient to take a Russian language exam for B2 level.